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22.01.2015 Reserves growth in Korovinkoye field

«EuroNorthOil», PLC, informs of reserves growth in Korovinkoye field. Based on results of interim reestimation of reserves carried out in 2014 cumulative reserves growth was 7,5 bcm of gas and 142 TT of condensate.

Reserves reestimation was made due to revised geological model of the field deposits developed on the ground of 3D seismic conducted in 2013 on 120 sq. km.

Results of the integrated interpretation of the seismic information and drilling data as well as developed on their basis geological models approved considerable changes of the morphological characteristics and volumes of the gas-saturated robbing that showed reserves growth. It was found, that part of the deposits lays outside the license block.

Reserves underwent expert appraisal of State Committee for Mineral Reserves and were approved by a Federal Subsoil Resources Management Agency. As on 1st of January 2015 initial gas-in-place of Korovinkoye field by categories С1+С2 was equal 48,7 bcm, condensate – 1,2 MT, of which within the license block – 45 bcm of gas and 1,1 MT of condensate.