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21.02.2013 Meeting dedicated to “Pechora LNG”

February 21, 2013 the meeting devoted to issues of the project execution “Pechora LNG” was held in Moscow involving RF Deputy regional development Minister Sergey Vakhrukov, Governor of Nenets autonomous district Igor Fyedorov as well as ALLTECH Group and “Pechora LNG” LLC management.

In follow up of today’s meeting RF Deputy regional development Minister Sergey Vakhrukov has expressed his hope “Pechora LNG” project” would become a power pulse for the economic and infrastructure development aside from Nenets autonomous district but the whole region. As a result of NAD Administration has sent the package of documents to regional development Ministry to put “Pechora LNG” in “A list of top-priority investment projects in Northwestern Federal District”. “After a thorough study the decision will be reached on the issue”.

“Management of the district maximizes “Pechora LNG” project”, Governor of Nenets autonomous district Igor Fyedorov said. “Its execution will facilitate the economic development, permitting to change the power balance pattern in the district with respect to apparent increase of the natural gas production profiles as well as to work out a number of critical social and economic issues, include without limitation to the provision of gas supply for communities and to work new creation.”

General Director of “Pechora LNG” LLC Maxim Barskiy has highly appreciated the project support and expressed his hope for further close collaboration with regional development Minister and NAD Administration in the process of its execution.