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22.12.2008 News on MTK (Mezhregionalnaya toplivnaya kompaniya) activities in Krasnoyarsky Krai in 2008

MTK is exploring Mukuisko-Engidinsky, Bugariktinsky, Chandasheminsky, Yuzhno-Velmisnky and Verkhepitsky licensed areas in the North Enisey region of Krasnoyarsky Krai.

At Bugariktinsky licensed areas Vaividinskaya 1 appraisal well is now drilled. According to daily report dated 14.12.2008, the bottomhole is -2363.7 m. In the well interval of 2147-2154 m in Osinsky horizon core was sampled. Sandstone rocks with filamentary interlayers of butuminous material (with typical smell of hydrocarbon when cleaved) were detected.

Three appraisal wells are drilled simultaneously: Engidinskaya 1 at Mukuisko-Engidinsky licensed area, Chandasheminskaya 1 at Chandasheminsky licensed area and Irinchiminskaya 1 at Yuzhno-Velminsky licensed area. The constructor of all appraisal wells is Siberian branch of Vostokgeologia OJSC.

At all licensed areas, preparatory works for seismic survey by MOGT-2D are performed. Actually in 2007-2008, 505.6 line km were complete and 865.7 line km of lateral sections were prepared. By now, travel time processing of new material scoped 507 km and reprocessing of archive recordings scoped 100 km was completed. New structural maps of Vendian Oskobin and Vanavara Formations were charted.

At all licensed areas environmental conditions during exploration are monitored. Within the areas air, water and soil were sampled.